Best Drawing Apps For Mobile On 2020

Free and paid drawing apps and programs (2020)

Artists use various programs and applications to draw their illustrations, comics, manga and animations digitally. Thanks to portable devices such as smartphones, tablets or iPads, we can comfortably carry our canvases everywhere. Nowadays the norm is to acquire the software online, therefore, the only thing we need to access professional programs is our device. In this article we will analyze and compare best free drawing apps for windows in 2020

Which drawing software or application should you choose

These are some of the things you should keep in mind when looking for your ideal drawing software:

Drawing programs for PC (Windows / macOS)

Below we have listed some of the most popular PC drawing software. Several of them also have more specialized features, such as functions for creating comics and manga.

Drawing apps for tablets

Below we have listed a few drawing applications available for iPad devices and Android tablets. Some of them more oriented to the creation of comics and manga. One thing to keep in mind is that iPad devices detect the pressure you exert with the stylus when drawing with an Apple Pencil or Bamboo Sketch.

Drawing apps for smartphones

And in this last list we leave you some drawing applications for Android and iPhone devices.

Drawing programs and applications

From here, we will dedicate the article to analyze the characteristics of each drawing software and application, as well as its price and the availability of technical assistance and trial versions. If you have just started in digital drawing, it is best to choose a software or a drawing application that has technical support from the company that develops it at here. Don't lose sight of the trial versions either, as they allow you to test the program before taking out your wallet so you can make your decision with more confidence.

Photoshop CC (Windows / macOS)


It is a professional graphic design software well known in the professional design and photo editing industry. It has so many functions that it can even be used as a drawing program. To take full advantage of Photoshop CC it is necessary to configure some parameters, so it is best recommended for artists who already have some experience.